Tips to a Plastic-Free Travel

Tips and tricks for Plastic free travel

Many are the travelers who use to bring excess plastic disposable tools with them because of being easy to manage. But have you ever taken it seriously that these plastics are causing pollution and are playing a significant role in deteriorating Earth’s beauty?

Although it’s actually impossible to finish plastic use what we have in our hands for the protection of our beloved planet is, avoid excess usage!

To have a small contribution in saving the Earth, here are our top important tips to enjoy a plastic-less journey:

Use Reusable Bottles

It’s no use to neglect the fact that plastic bottles are dreadful for our environment because they are not recyclable and hence, end up in a long-lasting pile of the dump. The question is What to do else? We recommend all the travelers to utilize food graded reusable bottles. It will be good for the health of both: their own, and that of Earth’s.

Use Solid Shampoo/Soap Bars

Carrying small non-biodegradable shampoo or soap pouches on the trip also results in accommodation of a valueless plastic on Earth. So, instead of carrying these toiletries in non-recyclable plastic pouches, switch to their solid bar form.

Reuse Old Containers

The empty containers of pickle, jam, or alike items are not to throw out blindly. Have a look at them. They can be reused beneficially. You can use the empty jars for your shampoo bars, jewelry, mobile accessories, snacks, and other stuff.

Keep Reusable Shopping Bags

You will have your jaws opened to know that we all use one trillion shopping bags in a day. This is equivalent to the usage of 2 million shopping bags in a minute. Now perceive that how much these bags would have been polluting our Earth! So, try to use reusable plastic bags where ever you go.

Carry Reusable Straws and Flatware

Again, for your health and for a vigorous Earth, carrying reusable straws and flatware is a quite good option. You can use bamboo flatware set and straws. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

Following these small strategies will be very beneficial. Small changes result in a big change. Start from yourself and aware others around you. Encourage them to be more aware of what they are buying.

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